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The Family Business

So I am role playing with my friend and I’m Cas. Well I decided to give Cas a really bad past, this was my post -
“Cas sighs and takes Dean’s hand in his, playing with his fingers. “So I was honest when I said I had a pretty good childhood. I was close to Anna and gab and then my two older brothers were alright I suppose. Well when my parents divorced, my dad won custody of us and that was when I stopped singing. My mother would always sing with me while we cooked or cleaned but my dad hated it. He only wanted me to sing religious hymns. The problem was my dad was a religious freak. So right after the divorce he found out by accident that I was gay… And well he thought he could beat the “gayness” out of me. That went on for about a year, in that time my mother got cancer and passed away. So I was never happy. It went on for two years until I finally escaped when I was 18 with Gabriel’s help. I never got to go to college but I lived with Gabriel and he helped me get a job.” Cas takes a deep breath shaking a little. He hated thinking of the past, of what his father did and how much he missed his mother.. And then of course Balthazar..” So I finally met someone… His name was Balthazar. For awhile things were good, he made me happy, started bringing me out of the depression I had grown to know all too well. Everything was going great and almost brought myself to start singing again and doing things I enjoyed but then Balthazar’s parents died in a car crash and he just got so angry.. He started hitting me. At first it wasn’t bad and I let him cause I knew he was suffering… But then it continued… And I would remember what my father did to me. He would start..” Cas shudders and tears roll down his eyes “he would start raping me basically. It got so I couldn’t go out cause of the bruises. I lost my job and everything. I can’t even remember how long it lasted. I was finally saved when Anna came looking for me and found me with Balthazar hovering over me, I was almost dead… He’s been locked up permanently now and I’ve been trying to get better myself” Cas says weakly. “I tend to be clingy and yeah… I had no real reason to be happy till I met you ” Cas says looking at Dean with a smile, his face still wet with tears”

The above is my friends reaction to the post…